Sunday, April 3, 2022

Even More Warhammer Miscellany


Humble Bundle is running a big bundle of Soulbound RPG products. Soulbound is the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar RPG. In recent months, I posted a three-part deep dive into Soulbound, and would certainly recommend the system. If my review or other materials have piqued your interest, that Humble Bundle is a great way to dive into the system with .pdfs at a very affordable price, while supporting charity. 


Back in January, I posted about some Warhammer kitbashing going on chez Gundobad. I mentioned some interesting Chaos Warriors I'd picked up second-hand at my FLGS - interesting because many of them are kitbashed hybrids, built using both Chaos Warriors and their mortal foes, the Stormcast Eternals. As I noted in that earlier post, I feel this gives many of them a great vibe - sort of like "paladins gone horribly wrong", like heroes who maybe still think they're on the right side of things...but they're very, very wrong. 

Anyway, yesterday I got some paint on one of the boys: 

I haven't worked much with purples, so this was a bit of an experiment. I'm not sure whether I'll ditch this scheme or paint up a whole mini-squad in similar colors. Overall, I'm pleased. 


One more thing. I've a new favorite Warhammer-themed Youtuber: the fun, funny, very well-informed, and thoughtful Arbitor Ian. It seems he's only been cranking out videos for about a year, but he's got some really excellent videos to watch, equally informed by Oldhammer sensibilities and the latest GW tidbits. 

Here, I'll recommend two quite different videos:

Warhammer Beer. Yep. 

Here's the best and most entertaining concise synopsis of 40K lore/history that I've seen. 

A great channel, recommended. Happy gaming, all!