Saturday, July 1, 2023

Good grief, Gundobad is STILL scratch-building Epic 40,000 vehicles!

 Wow - I'm on a binge/roll for Epic 40k posts. Fitting, in light of today's big announcement that Epic is officially coming back. (But fear not, role-players, I've got more to say on that front too!).

This is a work-in-progress shot, but I wanted to share a picture of a detachment that I'm really enjoying building entirely from scratch. This is for a fast attack group of Dark Eldar skimmers to support my Iron Warriors Chaos host (in 3rd edition Epic 40,000). 

Everything you see here either came from the dollar store for a few bucks total or was trash already lying around the house. These are Ravager Barges (the big one, not yet painted, is the detachment's command barge with a Psyker in it). I still need to add little 'hovering' stands -- and I would really like to test my hand at adding some "Dark Eldarish" designs, either painted or printed, to apply to the red sail-banner thingies (technical term, that). 

Although these absolutely are crummy in terms of detail and precision compared to actual official minis (or 3D-printed proxies), it is really fun to personalize everything, be creative, and see what I can come up with. 

I've been building various things for my kids to wield against me, is a VERY stylized Griffon Mortar Carrier vehicle WIP (its features deliberately exaggerated and abstract for ease of construction and so I can tell it from Chimeras, Rhinos, at a glance):

And one of my recent favorite scratchbuilds ... a Valkyrie air assault vehicle.