Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Welcome One and All - Inaugural Post for a New Blog!

Yes, it's a gaming blog, but what kinds of savage geekery should you expect here? 

I’m a professional ancient/medieval historian who teaches at the university level. I’m also a geeky gamer with interests in:

+ role-playing games: I started in D&D decades ago as a youngster and, like many, have returned to the hobby in these latter days. I spent some years focusing on Dungeon World/World of Dungeons and other PbtA and ‘story games’ - and I retain many great lessons from that scene - but have since taken a hard, decisive turn to the principles of ‘old school’ play (often characterized as OSR). Currently my go-to rpg system to run is the sublime minimalist Into the Odd by Chris McDowall (and various ItO hacks). 

+ wargames: as a busy working parent I have little budget or time for highly complex, lengthy games. Yet I still love pushing units around the battlefield - so you’re likely to see me playing simpler but fun and still interesting games like titles by Nordic Weasel Games, Ganesha Games, One-Page Wargames, etc. I am a sucker for GW’s W40k setting, but I use more streamlined rulesets for the play itself. 

+ history/archaeology/society/culture/etc.: probably a bit obvious given my profession … but worth noting that these interests also color my gaming habits (most directly, I suppose, in designing rpg settings and situations). I’m likely to weave such things in here on this blog. 

Thanks for reading; I hope this blog can offer the same enjoyment and fresh ideas that others’ blogs have done for me. 



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  2. Loving this blog! Please keep up the good work! Bronze Age forever!


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