Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A Pair of OSR Shout-Outs: 'Megadungeon 4' and 'Far Wanderer'

Today I just want to holler some appreciation at two others who've recently engaged with my Gundobad Games content in ways I found helfpul and cool.

First up: Courtney C, who runs the Hack & Slash OSR blog, has just released a new, fourth issue of the Megadungeon zine: "Megadungeon #4". This offers an assortment of articles and ideas on numerous cool ingredients for a running a megadungeon - or, for that matter, really, running any fantasy location. Writeups (statted for both B/X and 5e) for unique individual dragons; discussion of principles for secret doors and keys in fantasy gaming; illustrated/mapped dungeon areas that one could slot into a big dungeon or just use as their own stand-alone smaller dungeon, lots of illustration, etc. There's also a substantial section for game advertisements (Courtney mentioned a desire to evoke that old feeling of flipping through printed copies of Dragon magazine and wandering through the diverse ads printed within). And for this I'm particularly grateful: not only did Courtney include a full-page ad for my own BRAZEN BACKGROUNDS, character backgrounds for Bronze Age fantasy settings - but the ad space was generously free. Courtney invited content creators who weren't in a position to pay for the space to go ahead and send in ads anyway. I just want to give a big shout of thanks to Courtney for that generosity, and - only fair, in return - give some space here to Megadungeon #4, now available at DriveThruRpg and at Lulu! Thanks, Courtney! Happy gaming!

While I'm shouting some outward thanks: "Sir Paperweight the Third" of the blog Pride and Parchment just responded to one of my own early posts on the Late Bronze Age collapse by hacking the ideas there over for a space opera/sci-fi setting. And I must say that treatment does really cool things with those ideas in a different setting. "Sir P3" (if I may!!!!!!!) has included some nice random tables for system/planet generation (kind of like what you'd see in Stars without Number) but has also supplemented them with tables that particularly evoke the tense social dynamics I described in my own post. Looking at those tables is getting my juices flowing again for fleshing out more of the Bronze Age setting I described earlier this year. Thanks, Sir Paperweight III, for building with my ideas, which is a fun thing to see.
Happy gaming all! - Gundobad

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout, I appreciate it! I'm glad you found my post interesting.


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