Sunday, December 22, 2019

Big thumbs up from Tavern Chat for Brazen Backgrounds

I recently offered the prolific Erik Tenkar of the Tenkar’s Tavern blog/podcast a review copy of my Brazen Backgrounds: Character Backgrounds for Bronze Age Settings. He talked about it in a recent Tavern Chat episode, and I’m delighted to say that he gave it a smashingly positive mini-review, calling Brazen Backgrounds “an excellent tool for inspiring PC backgrounds.” 

Brazen Backgrounds is available at DriveThruRPG, right here (affiliate link). 

Some more from his Tavern Chat:

There are story hooks that can be grabbed out of here for your campaign … Something like this gives your players something to latch onto at the beginning of the game … and enough to feed off of. … This is nice! These are adventure seeds. This has a lot of potential.

His bottom line?

Seriously. A very, very worthwhile product … Go to DriveThru, give it a peek, you’ll like it. 

Don’t forget that although Brazen Backgrounds is Bronze Age-themed, it also works quite well with minimal tweaking for more conventional sword & sorcery settings (I used it effectively for my current campaign, set in an Iron Age/S&S-styled setting). As the Tavern Chat podcast notes, even if that's not your preferred sub-genre, "A product like this should be inspirational for the rest of us..." 

Earlier this year, Arlen Walker of the Pellam's Wasteland podcast gave a similar overview and kindly linked his review onto my DriveThru product page.

Thanks, gents! I'm honored and grateful. Happy gaming!

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