Saturday, May 14, 2022

aaaaand now we'll try comment moderation...

 Hmm. Every few days, I get another wave of spam attacks from the same source, turn off blog comments, wait a few days, turn them back on ... and then the spam attacks recur. Somehow I've become a repeat, high-volume target (should I be flattered?). 

I guess we'll try open commenting but go with comment moderation for a while. You're lame, spam-bot. 


  1. Every couple of months I get a handful of spam bot comments. I just report them as spam and then delete them. But one time, maybe half a year ago, I got 70+ all at once and had to report+delete each of them manually. Took a lot longer than I thought and I was pretty mad about it.

    Not sure what the solution is to getting rid of them permanently, or at least significantly reduce the volume. Sorry Gundo.

  2. Hey at least you get bot spam to actually get dedicated spammers. I only got like three message in my moderation queue that I need to clear.

  3. Thanks gang - I woke up this morning to 19 new spam comments on a single post ... which I had to delete manually. Not too bad, but basically the same thing is happening every few days.

    I guess the Matrix just likes me. ;-)


Unfortunately, recent spamming attacks necessitate comment moderation prior to posting. Thanks for leaving a comment - I'll get to it shortly!