Monday, March 13, 2023

EVA foam DIY terrain ruins


Wow! I recently watched a Youtube tutorial on making 'corner ruins' wargaming terrain out of EVA foam - not that 'pink stuff' but the even more accessible, if a bit less rigid, material used in 'jigsaw-puzzle' interlocking floor tiles (for gyms, baby rooms, etc.). I have really had a hankering to try it out, and I took the plunge yesterday. Although this took me a while (most of the afternoon), I aimed to be more ambitious than the tutorial video, and produced something that I absolutely love for a first-time product. This is light, resilient, and stays just fine if dropped. It lacks the fine detail of some of my other (= 'more expensive') terrain, and it isn't painted yet, but I already like it a lot. 

I may just whip up a table's worth of this stuff...and since making this only took up about $2 CAD of the supplies I bought (from a $16 pack at Wal-Mart), I have lots more cheap stuff on hand. That's good, as I have more ambitious designs in mind (along with some more basic scatter terrain). 

These ruffians approve.

If you enjoy making wargaming terrain, I heartily recommend you check out this method. 

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