Wednesday, October 4, 2023

[AHSOKA] A few happier thoughts about the season 1 finale

 Well, having recently usurped the role of pontifical cultural commentator, I wanted to note - in counterpoint to my recent grumpy comments - that I watched the season finale of Ahsoka last night ... and left happy, overall. 

Now, I will say (with only a minimum of spoilage) that there was a lightsaber battle in the episode that really cheesed me off: the opponent was fun, but Ahsoka's own strategy seems to be: "Fool! I shall defeat you by keeping my back turned toward you for 25% of our combat!" I shall not comment on the ongoing issue of that reversed-grip saber-hold (for fear of becoming utterly churlish).

Ok, enough grumpiness. The show had a few opportunities to take the easy way out, giving us nice clean TV-showish endings that were a bit too tidy (something the last Mandalorian season really rolled around in). Instead, the show-writers took a different route. The ending of Ahsoka felt like it respected the story being told, wanted to give it some room to breathe, recognized that this takes time. The story was much more satisfying as a result. I hope that becomes normal.  

There are big things afoot, here, for the entire Star Wars-verse. Despite some hiccups, I'm enjoying the ride. 

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