Monday, May 20, 2024

Scenes from an Epic: 40,000 smackdown (Chaos vs Imperium)

 The long weekend for Queen Victoria Day gave the kids some extra time off school, and gave us a reason to ponder the scope of imperialism - and what better way to do that than by diving back into Epic: 40,000? As it's been close to a year since we ran Epic, we went slowly and I messed up a few special rules, but we had fun. We ended up calling a draw in Turn 3 (real life beckoned) but I think next game should go faster. 

No Legions Imperialis for us; we play the old 3e Epic: 40k rules. Some deride 3e as too simplistic but we find it offers plenty to manage, and allows satisfyingly grand tactical movement. This was a 2500-pt Planetary Assault battle, with about half my foe's army arriving via drop-pod. Scenes from the carnage follow. 

A worn, colossal imperial monument overlooks the field of battle

Center-frame, a shuttle prepares to evacuate staff from the Imperial Cathedral. 

My kitbashed Traitor Knights finally see action, sweeping Astartes dogs from a hilltop objective

Yes, that's better now. However, see all those scratchbuilt Dark Elder bikes and barges at top of frame?

A drop-pod landing by ~half a company of Marines shattered my Drukhari detachment, boo-hoo...

Battle rages elsewhere. "Is that Daemon Primarch Perturabo advancing on our position?" "Yes - and unpainted, too! Keep firing!"

In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, there are big stompy robots. 

A double-drop landing surrounds my primary Iron Warriors detachment, but I throw most of them back in a fierce shootout. 

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