Saturday, October 9, 2021

TAKE THAT! Another drawing, and another sale

At it again! I am really trying to get a bit more drawing in these days. I've always enjoyed it, and I suppose I entertain dreams of illustrating my own hobby work someday. I'm in a funny place of being keenly aware of how much I need to improve, while enjoying signs of improvement as I go. 

For today's figure, I wanted something with more dynamic movement than in my previous (hobgoblin) picture. This guy is bonkers anachronistic - the pants and shin ties are medieval Russian, the round chest-plate is from Iron Age Spain, and I guess the cape is straight DC comics. A perfect fit for the average D&D session, then. :-) Anyway, I had fun making this fella. 

Meanwhile - while you're here, please note that has a big sale running on indie game products. My Brazen Backgrounds (Bronze Age character background generator) and Hunters & Highwaymen (30 interesting NPC encounters for the dark woods or the taverns in them) are both on sale (note: affiliate links), as are many, many good and helpful products by small-press authors and designers. For example, I just picked up Kent David Kelly's CASTLE OLDSKULL - The Book of Dungeon Traps, which looks like it may offer a helpfully different approach to traps tailored for different party levels (another affiliate link). 

 Thanks for all the support! Happy Gaming! 

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