Sunday, March 3, 2024

Dollar Store Birdhouse turned Galactic Imperial Cult Shrine

I got in some time building a 40k-ish terrain piece this weekend. Here's a WIP shot. This was once a wooden birdhouse from the dollar store, but I've augmented it with a bunch of doodads from old broken plastic toys, household trash, GW wargaming bitz, etc. Now, it's a small local shrine for the galaxy's imperial cult/ecclesiarchy.  

I imagine this is a reliquary shrine holding a few items from a revered saint - probably a fallen Space Marine or Inquisitor (for example, I'm planning to hang a terminator marine's helmet in the (currently blue) circle left of the doorway). Generations ago, the bored authorities were persuaded that this shrine merely holds pious replicas of mighty relics - as are, to be sure, the replica armaments hanging on the building's outer walls. But, in fact -- as true initiates in this cultic chapter learn --  the (genuine) remains stored within were retrieved illegally from a crashed spacecraft or smoking battlescape, long ago. Like a galactic cargo cult, these local imperial cultists now revere objects they only dimly understand. 

Someday, perhaps, the authorities will catch on, and come looking for gear that should not be in civilian custody. Or perhaps it will be pirates, thieves, or some other kinds of cultist that come looking. At any rate, the shrine and its armed acolytes are ready to fight for their treasures. 

The preacher's platform upstairs should make a nice sniper's perch, as illustrated by an obliging marine scout and a preaching inquisitorial agitator. I look forward to getting some paint on this thing -- and then maybe crafting some hanging banners to pump up the decorations. 

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